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Welcome to  all 

My name is Luk ,  I am owner of corrado vr6 , 

For first 

I am sorry that I writing in English ,  but I dont know french , 

hope You will understand that ,  and even this that I am writing in wrong place , but this is the only place allow me to write.

I come here , just because I am serching for yellow bulb cups for my corrado headlights , and I found 

many of You  have instaled some to Your cars ,  and I hope to get some help in here to found the caps . 

Can somebody help?

please contact me if You can help to my email

Thank YOu in advance 

best regards 


looking for 2 of this 



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Hello and welcome. If you could introduce you and your corrado, it would be much apreciated :)


If i'm right, yes, one of us here, have done the swap. I will try to find the topic, the member's nickname was el poulpo because his hair was like an octopus on his head :lol:

I think he found them on an old french car but you can also find them on pre-1992 Golf mk3. 

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